sMart beacons

Beacontent deliver a range of sMart beacons for a wide range of applications.


Our entry model, the sMart1Beacon supports BLE use cases, but has additional features that improve performance in the field. This includes a range of power supplies from coin-cell batteries, AA cell batteries, mains power and PV (ambient light) options.

The sMart1Beacon can also broadcast in dual mode – sending data to iOS and Android devices from the same beacon.

We also take security pretty seriously at beacontent and can provide beacons that rotate their UUID to create a secure beacon network.


The sMart2Beacon is where things start to get really smart. Not only does it support BLE communication – but supports WiFi also in the same device – making it possible to engage with customers on the BLE or WiFi channel, removing the need to have BLE enabled if so required.

The sMart2Beacon gets even smarter – it enables two way communication and is a gateway beacon that can monitor other beacons in your network and also ingest data from a mobile app – and send it wirelessly or through is own USB connection directly into your data network.


Building on the functionality of the sMart2Beacon platform, we’ve gone a step further by introducing NFC technology directly into the beacon. The sMart2Beacon Pay is the perfect solution for accepting mobile payments via smartphone mobile wallets on iOS, Android and Windows, making mobile payments in the real world a reality.


No native app? – no problem! Our flagship beacon, the sMart3Beacon takes customer engagement to the next level. The beacon is a “captive portal” and can store and serve a web app locally, removing the need for a native app on a smartphone or tablet. The app is served directly from the beacon through your devices internet browser.

The sMart3Beacon also provides extensive data analytics. We can capture and plot smartphone MAC addresses, collate this data and create heat map reporting on footfall, dwell time and customer behaviour in any location we have a sMart3Beacon deployed.

After a customer has registered for the first time with the beacon, we can recognise them at any future location in your environment.


The beacon world just got a lot lot more interesting. Our Sense beacon adds active RFID sensors to the mix. With a choice of accelerometer, vibration, light, temperature or magnetism – we can set up beacon triggers based on the many conditions these sensors monitor. Creating the internet of things across a wide number of applications with beacons with the unique sMartBeaconSense range.


Our latest beacon introduces a BLE smart card with NFC, to store employee data, smart entrance passes or any other environment where access control is required.


All our beacons support sMartReporting. With our beacon management system and extensive reporting suite we can supply  unparalleled data about customer traffic, footfall and dwell time. SMartReporting delivers this information in the form of real-time heat maps to provide dynamic information about your customers behaviour.

For more information about our sMart range of beacons – get in touch today.

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