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Discover how our Beacon Management System can help you manage all your proximity marketing requirements.


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Getting started is very easy. Register the iBeacon UUIDs in our Beacon Management System. Copy our code (SDK) into your app. Configure your own proximity notifications connected to your iBeacon. Websites, Offers, Pictures, Coupons, Social Profiles – anything is possible.

1_2_ copyYour Beacon, your rules. With our Beacons you have the right location trigger in your hand. Near every indoor point of interest it will transmit its unique ID via BLE or WiFi to every enabled smartphone in reach.

1_3_ copyThe app will trigger the notification in real-time to its user. This results in more daily active users and a complete new customer experience near points of interest.  Its the moment when your app reaches reality.

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Don't worry. We never use your email for spam.